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Steven Dueck has had a bass guitar strapped over his shoulder since the age of 10, and began playing concerts and live performances since his early teens in the mid 80’s. Dueck is the youngest of 2 brothers and 1 sister who all grew up in a home filled with musical talent. Born one of the 4 children of Paul and Violet Dueck in Regina, Saskatchewan. At the age of 1 his family moved to Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta to accommodate his fathers career as a Commercial Builder. This is where Dueck first picked up his oldest brothers Bass which consisted of daily R&B and funk jams together along with his middle brothers drum kit backed by his sister and mother singing and father’s soulful playing on the Hammond organ. As Dueck’s bass playing skills advanced, being able to eventually lock bass lines to a drum kit and to play melodic fills to keep music moving was a feeling Dueck was driven by. This feeling is the reason the Bass was the instrument that Dueck would strive to be great at. Through his early teens Dueck’s endless efforts to play note for note to records by his Influences Abraham Laboriel, Mark King, Nathan East, Dueck eventually would take his bass playing expertise to a professional level. His family moved back to Regina, Saskatchewan and Dueck stepped out on to the stage at his local church as lead bassist. At the age of 17 the opportunity as bassist for leading cover band “Cadillac Rags” was offered to him and Dueck began playing live concerts, touring opening for big 80’s band “Trooper” playing covers from “The Tragically Hip” and recording his first original “Take My Time” at “Inner City Sound” recording studio. When Dueck turned 21 he moved to Calgary Alberta for a work career in the sales and marketing technology sector. Steven continued to play session bass for a variety of bands and was hired by “The Tightners” and would go on to play live shows on the Calgary Stampede “Coca-Cola Stage” for openers to “The Tea Party” and Kelowna, BC “Prospera Place” as the headliner at the turn of the millennium New Years Eve Party in 2000, and to Vancouver, BC opening for “Great Big Sea”. In 2010 Dueck moved back to Regina, Saskatchewan now living just outside the city in Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan and has since started recording studio and record label “Session 1 Records”. Steven is becoming known in the music industry as a leading session bassist and producer and has been invited to speak at music events and judge battle of the bands competitions. The latest project for Dueck is his self composed, produced, recorded, debut single “Chill Time” released on his record label “Session 1 Records”. “Chill Time” is a melodic Chill/Ambient/R&B record with soulful soloing bass playing embracing the sensation of a modern beat, soothing pad and synth.

Steven Dueck is one of the most in-demand Record Producers, Recording Engineers and Session Bassists in Saskatchewan who has recorded, produced and played bass for EDIRI, Lionthroat, LaDonna Macauley, Embassy Voices, APUK, Haley Parker, Cadillac Rags, Emiko, The Tightners, ZION Minstrels, Teehijay, Call Me Mildy, Oboise, Days Of Truth, A$TRO, Macc Davis, Ray Vincent, Emerald Greene Duo, Tamara McDougall, Keelin Covlin, Kenton McDougall, Kaleab & Agnes, The 7th Avenue, Jeremy Buzash[Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra], Sdee, Francis Dixon, Timmy V, Jatinder Gagowal, Harp M, Loud Neighbors. On the corporate side Steven produces commercial audio works for Radio, TV and Web and has worked with Parks Canada, NGX Interactive, Publicis, Grayson Matthews, Rogers, Phoenix Group and Conexus.

Steven Dueck is the owner of his home based studio Session 1 Records located in Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan Canada.

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