Steven Dueck Produces 9 Songs for Call Me Mildy Record “Take A Bite Of This”

stevendueck Producer

I have completed the recordings for 9 new songs.. I am the recording/mix engineer and producer on all the songs recorded in their entirety at Session 1 Records.

I recorded drums first with scratch tracks accompanying on vocals 2 guitars and bass. I recorded 2 different sessions with 2 different drummers on this record. Both sessions I had 9 drum mic’s first session on his 4 piece Gretch kit.. The second session I had a Mapex 4 piece both sessions used Snare top/bottom, hats, 2 toms, kick, stereo OH and room mic.

The first session drummer Roland Schulz on 5 songs. Roland has now retired from drumming and is very active in the music scene as the owner of School of Rock Regina.

The second session drummer Dylan Dobrescu on the remaining 4 songs.

The Drums throughout the record provide perfect rhythm and feel.

Bass was second and Phil Nordin delivered tight, professional takes to get all Bass tracks and drums in the same session. Phil had a 6 string Dingwall Bass. Great pickups and tone. I ran phil through a Radial JDI. Phil has great feel and timing. I used a Gallien Krueger Bass head.

Lead Guitarist Dale Thomas was next with his 8 string Ibanez Prestige running through his Line 6 Helix. Killer sound from this box and I recorded in stereo. The audio quality is amazing going right to my Apollo 8p. Dale killed it on some amazing licks and solos and also sings harmony on a few songs. In the mix I panned his guitars to fill pockets with some movement around in certain areas of the songs.

Jaecy Bells graced the record with Backup Vocals on a few songs on the record. Her vocals added dimension and harmonic essence to the record.

Lead Singer, Slide Guitar and Harmonica player and project lead, Greg Mildenberger, is an accomplished vocalist, Slide Guitarist, and harmonica player. Greg is really organized and knows what he wants and gets it done. I couldn’t have asked for a better lead on the recording.. Greg was great.. everyone was. I thoroughly enjoyed recording the whole project we finished 5 songs over 4 sessions and everything was smooth sailing for the most part. Call Me Mildy is fantastic. The band is tight, disciplined and organized and they keep me working with no breaks or wasted time.

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After running all the lines.. placing the mic’s and level checks.. the recording process begins

After running all the lines.. placing the mic’s and level checks.. the recording process begins. #RecordProducer #StevenDueck @session1records #Session1Records #RecordingStudio #Vocals #Guitar #Bass #Drums #Music #PilotButte #WhiteCity #Regina #YQR #Saskatoon #YXE #Saskatchewan

Posted by Session 1 Records on Sunday, September 30, 2018