Steven Dueck Producer Days Of Truth – 104.9 the WOLF – Queen City Rocks 2018

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Philip, the Lead Singer/Bassist from Rock Band ‘Days Of Truth’ gave me a call to discuss recording 3 Demo tracks. The band wanted to try and qualify for the #QCR2018 Competition.

I recorded the 4 piece drum kit first with kick, snare top/bottom, hats, toms and a room mic. I DI’d the bass and guitar through Radial JDI through the Apollo 8p. We then recorded with mic’s to get his massively distorted bass and the guitar amp crunch. I double tracked his vocals to give it a cool effect. I only had time for a basic mix to get the audio over to Harvard Broadcasting in time for the audio submission deadline. I made the deadline and we super happy that Days Of Truth made the competition. March 2, 2018 at the Exchange.