Steven Dueck Producer/Bassist on Teehijay “Testimony”

stevendueck Bassist, Producer

The recording process starts with mixing vocal scratch track with piano and acoustic guitar tracks accompanying. The song is written and composed by Teehijay already and has a great melody. Next was to get a kick BMP selected. Teehijay spit the kick pattern he was looking for through the mic and I matched and tracked a 8 bar loop. I used a UK Kit preset on the Roland FA06 to start. I did end up producing a different kick pattern on the Rap segment in the song that cut in nicely with the Rap style. Drum production was key to the song as I chose to have strong drum rolls with 3 different hat selections panned to a variety of l-r locations. Snare was a strong tight hit.

The Bass was digital and manual 5 string electric. I recorded the bass on 2 tracks. Digital Bass was a combo of sustained synth and a pop funk style notes. The manual Bass parts I played with a funk run style and hip hop style in the Rap. Rap performance is by Oboise. I wanted the bass to cut through and pop the beat.

I played a heavily distorted lead guitar riff and a keyboard riff in areas throughout the song to give balance and expression.

Backup vocal ranges were a mix of vocal tracks 3 vocalists i think 10-12 tracks in total with increasing volume automation on certain ranges in sections of the song.

In the end I had 44 tracks in Pro Tools for Testimony.