Steven Dueck is one of the most in-demand Record Producers and Recording Engineers in Saskatchewan who has recorded and produced for EDIRI, Lionthroat, LaDonna Macauley, Embassy Voices, APUK, Haley Parker, Cadillac Rags, Emiko, The Tightners, ZION Minstrels, Teehijay, Call Me Mildy, Oboise, Days Of Truth, A$TRO, Macc Davis, Ray Vincent, Emerald Greene Duo, Tamara McDougall, Keelin Covlin, Kenton McDougall, Kaleab & Agnes, The 7th Avenue, Jeremy Buzash[Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra]. On the corporate side Steven produces commercial audio works for Radio, TV and Web and has worked with Parks Canada, NGX Interactive, Publicis, Grayson Matthews, Rogers, Phoenix Group and Conexus.

Steven Dueck is the owner of his home based audio production studio Session 1 Records located in Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan Canada.